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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

honda pcx 125

Honda PCX125
The new PCX was created for riders who desire the compact, economical advantages of a 125cc scooter and the modern, fashionable good looks more often associated with larger-displacement machines. In every aspect, from its low-noise, low-emissions operation to its easy handling and contemporary image, the PCX is designed as a practical, fast and fun ride.
For those who use a scooter daily as an alternative to a car, carrying space and fuel economy are essential. Most modern riders also want a scooter that operates with the smallest possible impact on its environment; both the immediate surroundings in which it is ridden every day and the global climate.
The new PCX fulfils all of these demands. It will be welcomed as an ideal first ride, a fun commuter and a reliable means of carrying out all kinds of daily tasks. It is also great fun to ride � the kind of scooter that will make every routine trip across town an enjoyable escape.
By day, the PCX is a quick and convenient way to get around, for work or play. By night, it easily adapts to the smartest venues in the city. It can also whisk a rider, passenger and light luggage out of town for a weekend. Wherever it goes, its original styling and air of confidence give it the quality of a true trend-setter.

Honda PCX125 features :

  • Modern styling with flowing lines featuring dual headlights and tinted windscreen
  • Low seat height and extended footrests for additional rider comfort
  • High tech instrument panel
  • Fuel indicator
  • High capacity lockable storage compartment
  • Front glove box
  • Lightweight and compact water cooled 4-stroke engine with fuel injection
  • Honda V-Belt transmission
  • Idle Stop swich improves fuel efficiency
  • Electric starter system
  • Large 14" wheels for smooth ride
  • Combined braking system with front disc brake

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