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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Motor Bike Transformer World's First

One of the candidates considered to be very  products and get great media coverage in the United States at the CES event that took place today in Las Vegas is the Uno from BPG Motors. It said the product candidate for the new Uno is planned to be mass produced. The unit on display is a prototype made by the inventor, a young boy named Benjamin P Gulak, who started the project from his grandfather's garage.

Huge media attention to Uno for some people a bit strange! The reason, Uno is a vehicle, not an electronic gadget. However, in fact, UNO has a "soul power", together with other electronic and electrical products. So it was natural that attention!

Because interest is so high, BPG Motors decided to produce it immediately with prices ranging from 4000 to 7000 U.S. dollars

Changed shape
Currently Uno to the version III. Version II and III developed after BPG Motors formed. The new company claims its products directly as a first transformer with real intention.

For Uno II or also known as U2, can change shape from 2-wheel motor (also called Uno mode) to a conventional bike (motorcycle mode). U2 only use 2-wheels. When Uno mode, the two wheels driven by electric motors are in parallel positions. When the speed up or speed increases, one moves to the front wheels to form a motorcycle.

Latest version is Uno II or U3, which uses three wheels. Front wheels smaller can be folded back. The wheel is also a forward or moving forward so that its shape becomes like ordinary motorcycle.

"The target for people who live in the city, like in Europe by motorcycle and scooter culture strong," said CEO BPG Motors, Brad Harkavy. "We focus on scooter buyers, but looking for a unique vehicle while presenting a stylish appearance."

Uno Giroskopik control using giroskopik control system to maintain balance, while the control and drive the same as ordinary motorcycle. Work with two-stage motor.

When moving slowly, the wheels remain parallel to give the rider or a small compact space and allow maneuverability in narrow spaces (played live). When accelerated, the wheels began to widen and turn into ordinary motorcycle, which makes it more stable and safer for the rushed.

With some form of a body such as motorcycle racing, speed is limited Uno 56 km / hr. While power from the batteries, for once the content can make a distance of 48 km.

U3 tilt wheel technology (tilt) mode is active while working on Uno. In this way, Uno remained stable turning. The system works mechanically tilted to adjust the vertical position of the wheel to the right and left. This system allows the vehicle turns more smooth and accommodating the uneven streets.

It is said, when drive not only provides a unique new experience, but also more interactive. Most sip, parking easier!

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