Bengkel Auto: YAMAHA 135LC

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yamaha 135LC, also known as Yamaha Spark 135 in Thailand, Yamaha Sniper in Philippines Yamaha Jupiter MX in Indonesia and Yamaha Exciter in Vietnam, is a small underbone bodied motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company which is also a moped or underbone model with the second-largest displacement behind Suzuki Raider 150. Powered by a liquid-cooled 135cc 4-stroke engine, the Y135LC is specially designed by the parent company in Japan for Southeast Asian market.

Take the LC135 out on the streets and you are convinced anew that this is a different kind of machine by its ride. The sharp acceleration it gives you starting out from a
traffic light, the smoothness of the power development through 2nd, 3rd and into 4th gear. You can almost tell from the engine sound how efficiently the fuel is being burned
and you feel the joy of handling such an efficient machine.
If you are running at about 20 km/h in top gear, you will find that you can accelerate smoothly without downshifting. You feel the power develop rapidly as you accelerate.
This is the moment when you appreciate the extra power of the 135cc engine. And when you are running at over 20 km/ in 4th gear you may feel the kind of ease that makes
you think you are on an automatic transmission model.
There is also a sense of assurance in the predictability of the relationship between engine rpm and motorcycle speed that frees you from unnecessarily bothersome gear shifting.

You will be surprised how low you can let the speed drop while staying in 4th gear and still get powerful acceleration without downshifting when you decide to pick up speed.
On the other hand, this is a machine that is fine-tuned to handle more aggressive, sporty riding with precisely timed gear shifting.
When you downshift from 4th into 3rd at about 20 km/h and open up the throttle, you will experience a whole different world of performance.
With the sharp burst of acceleration you get, you pull away from the car that had been running beside you and watch it get smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror.
For this kind of performance you can thank the LC135�s new 4-valve engine with forged piston and the TPS carburetor fitted with an accelerator pump.
This is not just a matter of what is normally called �good response.� If response is too sharp it can lead to jerky performance that is difficult to control.
What the   LC 135 boasts is an acceleration feeling that is just nice.

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