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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yamaha byson 2011

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Red color variant of yamaha byson 2010 will launching 2010 in indonesia, yamaha byson will change popularity of yamaha scorpio. yamaha byson have sporty body like moto gp or MOGE.
shape when viewed from yamaha byson has a great body, looks like a motorcycle with a big cc, of a good body like that yamaha byson no longer need the modifications could spoil your eyes.

This latest product brings Yamaha byson carburetor engine capacity of 153 cc. It looks like Yamaha FZ16. Previously, Byson was launched in September in India by Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd. naked India.Lampu front, plus a la moge exhaust design. Paired curves to the body and chassis as confirming the status Byson macho motor sports.

Talk about Gossip New Motorcycle. After the New Jupiter Z, V-Ixion Facelite, motor what else ya hear who would kelar.denger siy-Bison Yamaha (Yamaha Fazer 150) will be finished as well. 2 choices are difficult, the V-Ixion what ya Bison? approximately where the more extreme huh? Bison i like sm bodynya a mantab Abiz. tolerable if made fighting wkwkwkkwk muscle. Yamaha z-easy easy cepet Bison finished in February Ntar. This year many of Yamaha's new breakthrough with his new motor plus extreme modification.

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