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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Motorcycle fuel economy, anyone invited to answer!?

I am curious about the fuel economy of your bike, year, make and model. I think there is a trend to motorcycles getting less fuel economy over the years, and I would like to see if this is true.

My bike gets 60MPG when I am running on 55MPH roads. On the Interstate, I go down to 55MPG, holding 70MPH. I have a 1983 Honda GL-650 Silverwing complete with fairing, bags and trunk.

Thanks in advance for your stats!

My 07 HD Road King Custom, w/ leather bags, V&H duals, and the V&H Fuelpak get's around 50-55MPG riding on the highway at 60-70MPH

I also ride a chopper I built based on a 98 Sportster Sport motor, rigid frame and am running a 230 rear tire, the motor has been tweaked a bit to average arounf 100HP, I still get 50-55MPG at highway speeds.

2. As I only have a 125cc I've not really tested it because I seem to always get 90 - 100 mpg out of it, bear in mind as well at 65mph it's little engine is screaming it's heart out.

3. Sounds about what I'd expect for a 600cc engine, my Virago 1100 (1995) is about 45 mpg, mostly highway
I am suspicious of mpg claims of cars, let alone bikes. Many people don't even know how to measure it, and on a m/c, so many factors can affect it.

4. I have a 1981 yamaha 1100 midnight special. I get about 42 miles to the gallon highway miles and about 38 city.

5. '84 Kawasaki Voyager (6 cylinder model, not known for good mileage), last year I averaged 37.1 mpg on a 3,600 mile trip and this year 35.8 on a 3,500 mile trip. At 70 mph I usually average 33-35 mpg and at 60, around 42-44 mpg. With it's billboard sized fairing, strong headwinds really hurt the fuel economy.

As far as the Harley guy's results, it's either an exceptional bike or he is remembering the best times. My buddies all ride Ultra and Road Glide Harleys and the two guys with the 88ci engines consistantly get 3-5 mpg better than me and the guy with the bigger engine consistantly gets maybe 1 or sometimes 2 mpg better.

My KZ1000 will get 42-45 at 55-60 mph and 38-40 at 70 mph. Year before last it averaged 42.1 mpg on a 2,500 mile trip.

6. 1994 YZF-750R - moderate riding I get 45 to 55MPG, Showing off, racing, and reving - 35 to 40MPG.

7. 2008 Road King Classic,FLHRCI_45-50MPG_96ci,stage 1 with Screamin Eagle slip on mufflers,6 speed. If I road it right, I could probably improve the MPG. I tend to lug along in the higher gears.

8. the honda CG125 will do 108 mpg cruising at constant 55 mph.

9. all of my bikes average around 50 mpg. but all of them have ALL excess junk removed because they are choppers.

10. I have a honda shadow aero 750 and I will get about 55mpg with a little throttle fun.

11. I have a 2008 Ducati 848. I'm on the gas whenever traffic allows, I get right around 40mpg

12. I have a 1994 Suzuki Intruder 800. Mostly stock except for some Jardine mufflers.

I average right about 50 MPG. Most of the riding is on short trips back and forth to work, about a 50/50 split of city and highway.

I get better mileage when I do more highway miles, but never really figured it out.

13. Mad Jack's highway speeds must be like our school zone speeds :-)
I weigh 255# & ride a VX800, which is the Intruder 800 engine in a standard, including the same gearing. This bugger screams at freeway speeds, where at least half of my riding is, turning maybe 6500 revs @ 75 mph (just going with the flow, ya know!). Its redline speed is only 105 mph.

I get38-40 mpg overall despite-or because of-this. I'm sure if it were geared taller I'd do much better. If it gets <36 mpg it's telling me it's tune up time.

14. My '03 SV1000S gets right around 41 mpg in mixed city riding, around 55 at steady 60 mph cruising, and around 45 when cruising at around 80 mph. My 1978 DT175 gets around 90 mpg in city riding, and it's pretty much limited to that as its top speed is around 65 mph.

15. On my GL1800 Goldwing (2003), typical gas mileage is 35. On long trips, I have gotten in the mid 40's.

My ZX-10R gets about the same on the same commute. I have done a couple of track days on that bike, and it gets less than 10mpg.

My DRZ400SM (2006) gets 45 on the same commute.The best I have ever gotten is 52.

I think your premise that newer bikes get worse gas mileage may have some merit, but I think its the displacement more than the year. It was very common in the 1970's and 1980's than today. It used to be common to see 175's, 250's, 350's 400's 450's etc, but now, everything under 600cc's is considered a "training bike", and there are only a handful of 250's and 500's. On the upper limit size, 1200cc used to be considered a huge bike, but now, there are Goldwings (1832cc), Triumph Rocket 3's (2300cc). Also, smaller engines are built to put out more power and rev higher (which both effect gas mileage). There are 600cc production sportbikes that put out close to 150 horsepower.

Another factor is water cooling. I think water cooling negatively effects gas mileage as the engine has to work to pump water through itself to keep itself cool. Water cooled engines last longer, but they get slightly worse gas mileage.

16. I get a steady 29 mpg with my 73 HD Electra Glide sidecar rig.
I get 52 with my 74 Sporty

17. I think it really matters how much you twist the throttle... i can ride my bike hard and get 40 mpg, or go easy and get closer to 60.

for an 'official' stat:

1997 Kawasaki EX-500 (stock gearing), 75mph average on the highway - 55-58 mpg. bumps over 60mpg if i stay under 70 instead of shooting up to 85 whenever a fast car or another bike comes by :-P

1993 CBR 600 F2 (-1/+1 gearing) - running HARD at the track. constantly between 8,000 and 12,500 RPM hard. I still get better than 35 mpg unless the track has really long straights.

1994 Yamaha XJ600S (stock gearing) just under 60mpg on the highway.

I think the biggest difference you'll find behind old bikes and new bikes is that new bikes are either significantly MORE or significantly LESS aerodynamic than their older brothers. Plus modern sportbikes require a contortionist to really utilize the fairing...

18. My Buell M2 Cyclone gets around 50, and my GSX-R1000 probably averages 35. Both of those statistics are in mixed driving. I ride both of them hard. They would probably both be better if I was easier on the throttle. That's what cars are for though. I don't really care too much about my motorcycles MPG.

19. I believe you are mistaken. \
My '95 VT-600 Shadow gets 50-70 mpg. That's with bags and bug catcher.
That's with two carbs, the trend is toward fuel injection (EPA mandated, soon) which is more efficient.
There has been a trend toward larger displacement machines but even they get decent mileage

Most tire and fuel economy problems originate in the right hand..

20. I honestly don't know or care, it IS econonical. But I'm to busy chasin' revs to think about any thing else. I fill when the level drops & go again, why screw a good thing by worrying about crap like that?

21. I have 3 bikes
1) FZR600 It gets an even60mpg hwy
2) Ducati 750 Paso.Heavily modified.Cams Duel carbs.Hi out put exaust It gets 35-45 mpg depending how hard I'm pulling the throttle.
3)1980 Suzuki 850L dragbike Nothing stock It burns 1.5 liters/ 1/4mi but a hell of a ride.

22. go to > browse vehicles and click the tab for motorcycles.
there you can browse the mileage figures for hundreds of motorcycles by year, make, model.

the reason for the downward trend of mileage in motorcycles is due entirely to the industry producing larger and larger engines. Many motorcycles now come with larger engines than cars & TRUCKS that I've owned. 750cc was considered a very large bike not so long ago. Now they get a reputation as a "girls bike" or beginner bike!!

23. I rode my 2000 Savage 650cc Single from Los Angeles to OKC and back. Held 65-70 on the superslab most of the way out, 60 mpg. Took the roads less used coming back, crossed the Mojave on CA-62 doing 50-55 and nailed 70 mpg.

24. I have a 2006 FZ6 with only 1500 miles. It gets about 40MPG which is in line with Yamaha's estimates. Most people say the FZ6 gets up to 50MPG as it gets a couple more thousand miles on it. I'll be interested to see if it does get better as I get some more miles.

25. Jim...I have a 1999 Honda Shadow Aero (1100cc) and a 2003 Honda Gold Wing(1800cc). On a day without much wind and temperatures in the 70's, my Aero will get about 48 mpg at 55 mph and about 42 mpg at 70 mph; my Gold Wing will get about 42 at 55 and about 39 at 70. However, on one trip when I had to stretch my gas (I really needed a gas station!) I slowed the Aero and was as careful as possible resulting in almost 70 mpg. I hope this helps with you analysis.

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